The Premier League fixtures for the 2019/20 campaign were due to be released tomorrow, however, the first weekend of fixtures have been leaked a day early after a picture started circulating online.

According to the picture, which was published on the Mirror, West Ham’s first fixture is against Watford away from home. As things stand, this image is unverified and the games could change.

The two teams finished 10th (West Ham) and 11th (Watford) in their previous season in the Premier League and therefore, this first fixture could be quite an exciting game.

In their first meeting last season, Watford beat West Ham 2-0, then in the reverse fixture, West Ham turned that result around and won 4-1. With very little between both teams, they will be going head to head in their first game, both driving to get the win.

With transfer rumours flying around regarding both teams, neither team know who they will or won’t have next season. Their first game of the season will be an interesting one for both of them.

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