As well as finding their players from further afield, West Ham has been a football club that has thrived on British talent – with Welsh stars no exception.

To mark the nation’s day of celebration on March 1 for the patron Saint David, we’ve set a duel to join the festivities and asked you to decipher your favourite Welsh Hammer.

Up until very recently, the Irons squad has almost religiously had at least one representative from the nation that brought us the likes of Tom Jones, Dylan Thomas and of course the eight former West Ham players you’re about to choose between.

From John Hartson’s 26 goals in 63 appearances and James Collins‘ prestigious 11-year spell with the club to Jack Collison’s unfortunate injury-plagued time in east London, everyone will have their favourite and we want yours.

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Craig Bellamy

Jack Collison

Mark Bowen

Carl Fletcher

Danny Gabbidon

James Collins

Andy Melville

John Hartson


  James Collins 89%
  John Hartson 68%
  Danny Gabbidon 34%
  Jack Collison 34%
  Carl Fletcher 9%
  Craig Bellamy 9%
  Mark Bowen 8%
  Andy Melville 5%