West Ham manager David Moyes should not put out a weakened side in our cup competitions this season, just so we don’t tire out for Europe games.

As West Ham prepare to play four matches in two weeks, starting with the club’s first Europa League game against Dinamo Zagreb on Thursday, Moyes must be careful with his squad rotations to avoid any injuries going forward.

This year the Hammers will endure a physically demanding campaign but what is most important is that the manager doesn’t throw any competitions to focus on other objectives.

West Ham will play in the EFL cup and FA Cup as well this season, starting with the former against Manchester United in the third round next week.

After last season’s success, the Hammers have the chance to build on becoming an aspiring top-six side. Qualification into this year’s Europa League group stages was a massive achievement, but the other cup competitions are also important.

As we have seen with teams like Leicester City, winning these tournaments can boost the club’s profile and gain as much exposure as progressing far into the Europa League. If West Ham want to become a bigger club, then they have to try and do well in all competitions.

The last final the Hammers were in was back in 2006, a final that broke the hearts of thousands of West Ham supporters. Since then our luck has been damaged and fans will be praying for a better cup run this season.

It is difficult for David Moyes because he knows how important our European campaign is. However, fans will be eager to see the team push for every competition rather than just the Europa League.

It is important to remember that this can help West Ham get back into Europe the following season as well, rather than just relying on the league position – which will likely be lower this year because of how demanding this campaign will be.

As the squad continues to grow and improve, the club will have to adapt to these types of fixture lists in the future. With more investment comes more depth and while this season will be exciting for all West Ham supporters, it is important that David Moyes doesn’t prioritise the Europa League over other competitions.