West Ham fans have made their voices heard in recent weeks in regards to David Sullivan’s involvement in player recruitment – as well as his and David Gold’s general running of the football club – and it appears as if major changes are coming.

In a club statement that was released prior to West Ham’s 2-0 win over Watford at the London Stadium, Sullivan confirmed that the club will be carrying out a complete overhaul and restructuring of its player recruitment and scouting system after the current season following another poor season.

The club’s recruitment team in recent years has been a triumvirate of Sullivan, former Head of Player Recruitment Tony Henry who was sacked earlier this month following allegations regarding a potentially racist transfer strategy, and the manager, with players pitched to them by agents or their scouting team and the three would all need to be in agreement for the club to press ahead and attempt to secure a deal to sign the player in question.

Over the last two years, that strategy has come under intense criticism from fans and members of the media following a slew of disastrous signings which have seen the club regress from Europa League hopefuls to potential relegation candidates.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images Sport

Speaking after his side’s latest triumph, David Moyes has confirmed that going forward, David Sullivan will “stand aside” from the player recruitment side of the game and “let it get run” by more informed and qualified professionals.

I’ve not necessarily seen a [transfer] process here; I’ve not seen things which I think should be looked at. I think the chairman’s going to try to stand aside a little bit from it and let it get run.

Under contract until the end of the season, Moyes is doing a fine job of steering the club clear of relegation but it remains uncertain whether he will be at the club next season.

Both Moyes and Sullivan have spoken about their desire to extend their working relationship beyond this season, and fans alike have changed their tune regarding the Scotsman’s appointment as Hammers, boss, but with 11 games left in the Premier League season, a lot can change and the next three months will be intriguing to say the least.