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No need to panic… yet

A month of the 2017 summer transfer window has passed and, bar the free transfer of Pablo Zabaleta, West Ham have remained sedentary. You don't need … Read More
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Why Marko Arnautovic is a great fit for West Ham

A name heavily linked with West Ham United in the past 48 hours is Stoke City's Marko Arnautović. The Hammers have reportedly had a £15m bid … Read More

What could West Ham’s team look like in five years?

It has been a difficult year for West Ham. The move to the London Stadium has not gone as smoothly as everyone hoped, the Dimitri Payet saga rocked … Read More
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Six striker options for West Ham in January

These articles have become an unfortunate familiarity in recent seasons. Over the past few years, there's one position West Ham have needed to … Read More
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Fletcher and Oxford should start against Chelsea

West Ham face Chelsea tonight in what will be the first London derby at the London Stadium. This makes it an important game regardless of the … Read More

West Ham set to lose four players in January

Every two years, the African Cup of Nations decides to reappear out of its cave and become a nuisance for almost every Premier League team. Why the … Read More