A report released by the Daily Mail suggests that West Ham United are looking to link-up with the Irish Leauge club Shamrock Rovers.

The Hammers have been exploring possibilities of creating an affiliation with a club for quite some time now.

The Hammers are looking to link-up with the Shamrock in order to loan players out, as well as help with permit applications for new signings. In addition, West Ham have always had a strong supporter presence in Ireland and are looking to grow that relationship in the next couple of years.

Shamrock Rovers are considered one of the most historic clubs in Irish football. The Hoops were founded in 1901 and play in the Premier Division of Ireland. Last season, the Dublin club finished 3rd in the league, behind Cork City and Dundalk. However, placing 3rd in the League of Ireland gives the clubs a chance at European Competition.

Shamrock most recently headlined the news last summer when long-term Irish Premier League winger Damien Duff decided to join the side, donating all of his wages to charity. The Irish legend went on to retire after nine games for the Dublin-based club, but he left a trail of media to cover the league more extensively.

In addition, Rovers kicked off their season over the weekend with a convincing 2-0 victory against Sligo. The Dublin-based club will be looking to lock up another Championship this season, which runs from March to November.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images Sport

West Ham positioned themselves into fifth place this weekend with a memorable comeback win against Everton.

The highflying Hammers only sit one point behind Machester City in fourth place. With the Hammers building on top of their success, they will look to grow their youth facilities and programs, and one way of doing that is by loaning your young prospects to affiliated clubs.

Both the Shamrock Rovers and West Ham United should benefit with their new affiliation. It should be exciting to see who West Ham send out to Dublin, and how the Irish club grows over the next couple of years.